"the dark is empty.
most of our heroes have been wrong."
charles bukowski
jardin des plantes, paris, june 2015 
a portrait of a great behavioral economist as a young horse.

a portrait of a great behavioral economist as a young horse.

welcome to my webpage

i live in arizona, and split my time between the valley of fire and the village of christopher creek

i am a member of the economics department at arizona state university in tempe.

my research these days is primarily in economic theory, w/ a majority of my work focusing on developing new methods for comparing equilibria in economic models with complementarities

my current teaching interests concern mathematical methods in economics, microeconomics, game theory, as well as any course that does not mention the phrase "gross domestic product" 

i like to cook, drink obscene amounts of coffee, have far too many books in every single room of the house, and on rare occasion have been known to partake in an adult beverage or three after 5pm

 some of my other interests include leica rangefinder cameras, fuji x mirrorless cameras, velvet underground, bill and george clinton, la posada. mezcal, district 4, dylan, the next dylan, abbas kiarostami, spiro agnew, los angeles, x, alejandro escovedo, the tailgators, lou reed, second lines, bisbee az, john fante, maria mckee, john doe, james carroll booker iii, krzysztof komeda, orson welles, sam cooke, full metal jacket, la poussiere in breaux bridge, john cale, elvis, the cult of elvis,  dick nixon, ava gardner, second mesa, four corners, charlie parker, hunter s thompson, ambrosia parsley/shivaree, joshua tree inn, keith richards quotes, keith richards, sacred steel, roy stryker/fsa photographers, evan johns, linda pastan, sister rosetta, dave and phil alvin, sinatra (capitals),  bogart, gram parsons, les blank, ionesco, chilton, ny dolls, charlie rich, louis armstrong, satyajit ray, grothendieck, the ramones,  r.l. burnside, iggy/stooges, ischia, little walter, hitchens, bechet, bud powell, sergio leone, forough farrokhzad, uncle tupelo, richard hell, jay farrar, kubrick, tav falco, warhol, parviz tanavoli, george jones, cedric watson, memphis, american routes, paris, porto, simin behbahani, the doors, ensenada, all sounds and cuisines louisiana, stax, roethke, mr. bingle, dennis hopper, bill burroughs, kohala coast, hank williams (sr), howlin wolf, bandol rose, marfa, springsteen, skip james, professor longhair, luci kapahonso, pomerol, pulp fiction, ali-akbar khan, all things memphis, richard hugo, total positivity, zevon, the replacements, valcour records, waits, calcutta, clifton chenier, miro, and the greatest behavioral economist of them all, charles bukowski

the top photograph on this page is of a porcelain collectible depicting a  FEMA trailer as decorated for mardi gras, a day of great importance on most catholic calenders. it was discovered while eating the "makin' groceries" traditional king's cake from haydel's bakery in new orleans during the 2007 carnival season

the second photograph is of myself, sitting at cafe du monde, in the greatest city in the world, new orleans la, thinking about what adult beverages i will enjoy later in the day

the next photo is "hula trump", a tasteful artistic rendering of the 45th president of the united states of america in one of his more pensive presidential moments... a design inspired and representative of the great state of hawaii  where president donald j. trump has tremendous "aloha". i should mention, this lovely dashbord doll comes in a cheap plastic box aptly stamped on the bottom: "beware: choking hazard. made in china".

the last photograph is, of course, mr. ed...every professor's dream student, and the horse who will be getting my vote for president in 2020...and 2024 as well....

if you need to reach me, and i am not answering either my asu email (kevin dot reffett at asu dot edu), or my either of my gmail addresses (reffettkevin at gmail dot com or newleopardskinpillboxhat at gmail dot com), it means i am currently busy medicating myself with ridiculous amounts of pierde almas mezcal de pechuga in a futile attempt to forget i live in a country governed by an orange snowman and his cabinet of mussolini-admiring misfits.